More than Just a Developer

Want to learn more about me? Here's a little bit about my personal and professional side. Learn about my skills, passions, and hobbies - I'm a pretty diverse person! Make sure to also check out my projects and client work.

I care about what I create

I've always taken a keen interest in whatever I'm developing. I'm always excited to try something new. I've been developing software since high school, starting by creating a web-based chat application to circumvent restrictions on the AIM protocol enacted at my school. Since then, it's been on to bigger and better ideas, one project at a time.

I've learned a lot about the various tools that shape the horizon of the software development industries. When in college, I started mastering Java - even building a Chess AI that could beat me at the game (not really a big accomplishment). I continued to excel at Java until I came back to PHP with a strong passion for it's ubiquity and ease of deployment on almost any server. Since returning to PHP, it's been my bread and butter, but I've maintained my skills in other web and desktop languages, including Java, C#.NET, Javascript, Lua, SQL, and others.

PHP has had such a pround impact on my life, not just as a development tool, but as an indicator of change and growth, that I've tattooed it on my wrist. It's a fun language that I enjoy. In good times, it lets me create new things for the adventure of creating new things. In bad times, it lets me create new things for the purpose of distracting from the bad times. To avert any questions, no, I did not even consider getting a short tag.

I've worked across companies of all different sizes, in a variety of positions. I've created companies, been the peon, been a crucial member of planning and development teams, and of course made software on my own just for the fun of it. I love learning new technologies, techniques, and languages. I enjoy seeing the combination of various technologies and frameworks at play in different organizations, and seeing how different minds have chosen to employ different technologies.

I'm more than just a developer, though

Sure, I might be a software developer, but I have many other interests, passions and hobbies. I'm into anything that gets my heart beating faster, and a little bit of danger usually gets the job done!

Recently I bought a motorcycle, and I thoroughly enjoy taking day trips to some of the surrounding parks in Northeastern PA. I've always viewed motorcycles as an extension of the driver. You control them through the motion and control of your own body, feel in touch and involved with the outside world. I appreciate the ride as much as I do the destination. When you remove the frame, you put yourself in the scene, and a motorcycle does just that for me.

I also started rock climbing recently. I've never had this much fun exercising! I've never been able to stick with an exercise for terribly long, but seeing the short-term progress that is found on every new session at the climbing gym sincerely encourages me to keep going. One of the things I really enjoy is that being good requires more technique than strength. If you're a stringbean or packing a little extra weight, becoming a decent climber depends more on learning how to position your body than using brute strength to get through.

I also have a passion for firearms and the protection of the 2nd Amendment. I felt a little alone being a software developer that supported private firearm ownership, until I learned about ESR. Responsible ownership of firearms has been a staple of our country, and I firmly believe that private ownership reduces crime at large. I regularly go to the trap and pistol ranges, at a minimum once every two weeks. I've also competed in IDPA competitive shooting matches - they're incredibly fun. I've got a LTCF issued in PA, and I used to be an Open Carry advocate.

There are tons of other pastimes and hobbies that I enjoy. In the summer, I spend my weekends wakeboarding on Lake Wallenpaupack, and in the winters I spend my nights and weekends gliding down the mountains on a snowboard. I love being outside and immersed in nature. Along those lines, I enjoy hiking and swimming around the area. I really enjoy travelling, and I've been to Europe a few times to see my ancestral countries.

Development Skills

I'm accutely aware of my skills and limitations, and know where I can be useful and where I need to outsource work items.

OO Design
MVC Design
Server Admin
Graphic Design
Asset Creation

Work History

I've been deploying my skills in a wide array of companies, big to small, partner to developer.

Spartz Inc.

Aug '14 through Present
Senior PHP Developer Work on new internal projects and initiatives as well as maintain existing web properties.

Achieve3000, Inc.

Aug '12 through Aug '14
Senior Developer Developed new features and tools for the client-facing application as well as internal reporting tools.

ReferLocal, LLC

Feb '11 through Aug '12
Lead Developer Managed development process for most aspects of application. Acted as department head in organization.

Deloitte Tax LLP

May '10 through Feb '11
TMAS Professional Created software to reduce exposure and increase efficiency of tax operation for telecoms.

BraveGamer LLC

Jan '09 through May '10
Partner/Developer Created education platform, teaching young developers how to program through online lessons.

Education History

I've studied computer science on my own and in traditional academic institutions.

Penn State University

Information Sciences and Technology
Design and Development Concentration

From August 2006 to May 2010

Lehigh University

Integrated Business and Engineering
Combined Competency Honors Program

From August 2005 to May 2006