Stylish and Functional Apps

Making tools that solve problems or improves and experience intrigues me. Finding these problems and quickly designing solutions to address them has always been an enjoyable process - everything including creating product specs, selection of tools, product development, and final deployment.


An easy way to share the hard work that car modders perform on their cars. Designed to provide easy to use tools to create a stylish and functional mod journal.

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A unique way to share stories, instead of just photos, in a beautiful, rich environment. Clear the social clutter, and get to the root of your photos - telling your story.

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Social news aggregator designed to keep you up to date on the important news your friends are following and interested in. Made for those that hate reading the news.

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An easy to manage approach to using spaced repetition learning techniques via digital flash cards. Create custom cards, use previously created decks, and track progress through the learning experience.

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Social network and skill tracking tools for gun owners. While tracking your progress and skills, data is aggregated across firearm models to determine their precision. Knowing exactly how well you're doing is the only way to improve your skills!

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